ACTUN TUNICHIL MUKNAL CAVE -"Cave of the crystal sepulchre"; A very early morning departure is required as this tour is a long and challenging adventure- a good level of physical fitness is required and the ability to swim is a plus. We suggest you wear shorts and tee shirt with tennis shoes or hiking boots. You will also want to bring a change of dry clothes as you will surely get wet and need dry clothes for the trip back to the resort. The adventure entails hiking steep jungle trails and crossing a river in chest-high water. Once you reach the cave only the light from your headlight will guide you through the Mayan underworld. You will see burial chambers with intact calcified remains, Mayan artifacts and two slate stelae in front of which Maya elites cut themselves with obsidian blades to collect blood and offer it to the gods. Fourteen burials have been discovered so far. This is an adventure that continues to change from year to year as new discoveries are being made. You will return to the resort after dark with stories to tell and memories to last a lifetime. The tour departs at 8:00am and returns at around 5:00pm.