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Windy Hill ResortBelize



Location: Windy Hill Resort is located 70 miles from Belize City and 2 miles west of San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District. We are situated on 100 manicured acres of flowers and fruit trees in the foothills of the Maya Mountains of BELIZE.

Belize: is a small country of 8,867 square miles that sits on the northeastern coast of Central America. The friendly neighbors of Mexico, Guatemala, and BELIZE share an ancient Maya past and common ethnic backgrounds with Central America. But it is the salty air drifting over from the Caribbean Sea that has infected the country with a colorful Caribbean flamboyance that can be seen through its distinct Colonial/Caribbean-style architecture, coconut-based dishes, white sandy beaches, laid-back ambience and its English and Creole dialects.

Climate: Belize's climate is classified as subtropical, with a cool continuous air stream flowing over from the Caribbean Sea. The annual mean temperature reads 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with highest summer temperatures rarely exceeding 96 degrees Fahrenheit and lowest winters hardly ever below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainy season is usually  from about June though August.

Time Zone: Central Standard time with no daylight savings

Government: Belize is an independent country with a democratic parliamentary system and government. Belize is also as member of CARICOM and the British Commonwealth.

The Belize Flag: The red, white and blue Belize Flag is a symbol of the unity of our nation. The flag of Belize is the only country to have humans depicted as a major design element on its national flag

Coat Of Arms: Belize Coat of Arms

The shield of the Coat of Arms is divided into three sections by a vertical line and an inverted V. The base section represents a ship in full sail on waves of the sea. The two upper sections show tools of the timber industry in Belize: a paddle and a squaring axe in the right section and a saw and a beating axe in the left section.

Supporting the shield are two woodcutters, the one on the right holding a beating axe over his shoulder in his right hand, and the one on the left holding a paddle over his shoulder in his left hand. Above the shield rises a mahogany tree. Below the shield is the motto scroll.

A wreath of leaves encircles the Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms embodies an important aspect of the history of Belize, as the mahogany industry formed the basis of our economy in the 18th and 19th centuries. NATIONAL MOTTO: “Sub Umbra Floreo” – These Latin words mean, “Under The Shade I Flourish".


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